Manage and control all kinds of hobby CNC equipment
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Gain access to CNC equipment connected to a PC. Control the working aspects of the devices and their software components, program paths to active units via the built-in editor, etc. Optionally, import pre-made configuration files in DXF, NC, and PLT formats.

KCam Router/Mill software is designed to run low cost hobby CNC equipment. Program your paths using the built in Gcode editor, or import DXF, NC, and PLT files.
Create signs and plates using your CAD software and import your work into KCam. Dual cutting depth allows for holes and outlines to be punched out after routing.

No more drilling holes for switches or cutting plates to size before engraving.

Engrave signs, make name tags, drill printed circuit boards, mill parts, plasma cuts, plot pictures onto paper...

Main features:

- Load GM code files
- Import Excellon ASCII drill files (.NC)
- Import DXF files (.DXF)
- Import HPGL files (.PLT)
- Import Gerber files(.GB0)
- Edit/Write GM code files
- 3D Graphical Viewer w/ Zoom, Pan and Table Views
- Manual Jogging motor control
- Controller and Table setup features
- Supports Parallel Port (LPT) Stepper Motor Controllers
- Supports MaxStepper pulse generator
- Selectable Feed Rate
- Backlash Compensation
- Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista 32bit Software
- PCB Isolation conversion from Gerber(RS274X) files
- Constant Velocity Contouring
- Multiple Machine Setups

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